Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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no surprises The PKK announced the end "part" of the truce in Turkey

The terrorist Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) on Monday announced the end of the truce that held since last August a measure that has caused surprise but outrage in Turkey.

In a statement issued through agency pro-Kurdish Firat, the PKK declared an end "part" of the truce that held since last August 2010, saying it will defend itself "more effectively" but made no attacks. In practice, the announcement amounts to a total breakdown of the truce, because this is not the first time the Kurdish terrorist group, included in the list of international terrorist organizations by the EU, carried out bombings justified as a response to provocations detention or any other "attack" the Kurdish people.

On 13 August last year the PKK unilaterally decreed nth ceasefire or "period of inaction, "as was described by the terrorist organization itself, saying that would last at least until next June 2011, when they are scheduled to hold general elections in Turkey. The unilateral announcement of the truce, as its break on this occasion and was described by the Turkish political class then as a maneuver of the PKK lacking any credibility.

To justify its decision, the PKK argued in the statement issued Monday that the ruling party AKP pursues a policy of denial and destruction "against the Kurds, accusing him to prosecute the mayors elected by Kurdish parties and ignore calls for an investigation into the mass graves recently discovered in southeastern Turkey, the result possibly of dark and hard years of fighting between the PKK and the Turkish state during the 90's. The terrorist group also accused the Turkish government had not improved the conditions of detention of its historic leader, Abdullah Ocalan, serving a life sentence since 1999.

Referring to the announcement of the Kurdish terrorist group, Sedat Lacina, analyst and terrorism expert and president of the International Strategic Research Organization (USAK), told the Turkish daily Zaman that The PKK has proven itself that it is unable to renounce violence and your ad is totally inconsistent and responds only to an internal strategic issue.

"As far as we can see, the PKK can not give up using violence as a political tool: it is simply incapable of that. In any case did not have many more options during the winter to declare a cease-fire ( the harsh conditions of the Kandil mountains of northern Iraq, where it maintains its camps). They put down their weapons every fall only to rejoin in the spring, "said the analyst.

Lacine stressed
the fact that Ocalan himself had declared that the PKK should have declared a truce only to March (coinciding with the period of spring thaw), whereas June was a time too late. "Well, now we are in late February and early March, so this does not come as a surprise. Anyway, everything went as ordered Öcalan," said Lacina, who sees intecionalidad a clear policy in this decision face to influence the next general election. "They (the PKK) will try to create chaos (protests) in the streets, and will seek political advantage by this means," he said referring Lacine Kurdish politicians linked to the PKK.

Just after hearing the announcement of the PKK, Selahattin Demirtas, co-president of the Kurdish nationalist party BDP, far from condemning the end of the truce came to blame the government for the Kurdish terrorist group's decision, accusing the executive AKP of "wasting periods of cease-fire since 2002" (the year the AKP came to power) and no standing to talk peace. "The AKP has only been used (peace process) to increase their votes and power," said Demirtas, who demanded that Prime Minister Erdoğan to explain the steps it would take to resolve the Kurdish conflict from now.
Ekmen, AKP deputy in parliament for the southeastern province of Batman, joined by contrast to the condemnation of the Turkish political class and most of the parties represented in parliament, saying there was no objective reasons for the PKK to take up arms.

"There is no law that can be obtained through weapons and violence. The blood that is spilled will only anti-democratic forces," said Ekmen, recalling that in June there will be free and democratic elections in which any can express their ideas. "Today all the rights and claims may be exposed and debated in Parliament. I think that both Turks and Kurds do not fall into this trap, "added the congressman.


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